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Velvære Thermal suite experience

Hidden on the lower floor is the real gem at the heart of Velvære, a unique thermal suite experience and dedicated relaxation area offering a quiet therapeutic space. Especially designed for your well-being, our Thermal Suite experience features a hydrotherapy pool, sauna, steam room, ice station, experience showers and heated loungers.

Complimentary use of our thermal suite is included in treatments of over 60 mins.

Velvære's Ethos

We offer escapism and complete relaxation in the heart of Dublin city with a specially designed selection of performance driven therapies. Our name, Velvære (pronounced vel-va-ray), is inspired by the Norse meaning of wellbeing and this ethos is carried through in everything we do.

Codage Paris at Velvære

Become your own mixologist and choose your own skincare wardrobe at Velvaere. Codage Paris at Velvaere is a luxurious spa range that uses expertise inherited from traditional French pharmacy. At the core of each of the Codage Paris treatments is their Nutri-Elements table based on the periodic table. The combination of Nutri-Elements therefore makes up your product formula and builds your own personal code.

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