Codage Paris

your own skincare wardrobe

Become your own mixologist and choose your own skincare wardrobe at Velvaere. Codage Paris at Velvaere is a luxurious spa range that uses expertise inherited from traditional French pharmacy. At the core of each of the Codage Paris treatments is their Nutri-Elements table based on the periodic table. The combination of Nutri-Elements therefore makes up your product formula and builds your own personal code. In addition our specialised Velvaere therapists have expert knowledge of these Nutri-Elements and their active ingredients. This means they can design the precise dosage for your skin. 

Codage Paris at Velvaere embodies this contemporary approach, using a professional recipe that reinvents itself for every client. The Codage product range will offer you personalised treatments, especially tailored to the needs and characteristics of your skin. Your skincare expert at Velvaere can then build a truly unique treatment experience according to your needs.

Best of Ingredients

All the Codage Paris at Velvaere treatments, focus on use of serums and oils. As a result, they offer the highest performance active ingredients delivering excellent results. Both Codage Introductory Facials & Codage Experience Facials as well as our Codage Body & Massage Treatments begin with an exclusive skin analysis. This allows your therapist to best choose the perfect combination for you. After your treatment your personalised prescription will indicate the best products for continued home care. In addition to our range of treatments for face and body remember to check out our two signature treatments, which both feature products from the Codage Paris range – A Day In Dublin Facial and Velvaere Signature Body Treatment.

Remember all our Codage Product range is available in our spa and from our online shop and can be delivered directly to your home. They are also the ultimate in luxury gifting!

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Deep Cleansing Facial
Deep Cleansing Facial
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