Muscular Relief Massage | CODAGE

Revitalise your body with the Muscular Relief full-body massage by CODAGE. A 60-minute full-body treatment that is designed for tension release and deep-tissue rejuvenation. This targeted, deep massage with restructuring sesame oil and radiance-boosting apricot oil helps the body to relax and unwind.

Focusing on the upper body and legs, this invigorating massage eliminates fatigue and tension, ensuring a guaranteed anti-stress effect. The techniques used in this massage are ideal for soothing aching muscles and restoring energy, making it a perfect choice both before and after physical activity or sports.

Thermal Suite

Hidden on the lower floor is the real gem at the heart of Velvære, a unique thermal suite experience and dedicated relaxation area offering a quiet therapeutic space. Especially designed for your well-being, our Thermal Suite experience features a hydrotherapy pool, sauna, steam room, ice station, experience showers and heated loungers.