Custom Couture Facial | CODAGE

Experience a personalised skin journey with CODAGE’s Custom Couture Facial Experience, a luxurious treat for your face and décolleté. This bespoke experience begins with an in-depth skin consultation with our expert therapist to understand your unique needs.

Continue to one-of-a-kind CODAGE Cellular Workout facial, featuring a tailored serum mix curated for your skin. This unique blend, combined with manual techniques, ensures deep penetration of active ingredients, providing optimal nourishment and rejuvenation for your skin. Every aspect of this experience, from product selection to massage techniques, is chosen personally for your skin desires and concerns. Whether you choose the 60-minute treatment or extend the experience to 90 minutes, every minute is dedicated to enhancing your skin’s health and radiance.

Thermal Suite

Hidden on the lower floor is the real gem at the heart of Velvære, a unique thermal suite experience and dedicated relaxation area offering a quiet therapeutic space. Especially designed for your well-being, our Thermal Suite experience features a hydrotherapy pool, sauna, steam room, ice station, experience showers and heated loungers.