Champagne Enzyme Facial | iS Clinical

The Champagne Enzyme Facial is a results-driven treatment, that begins with a warming honey and enzyme balm to cleanse and soften the skin, followed by the powerful Foaming Enzyme Masque System which contains clinical-level glycolic acid. 

The foaming activity of the masque fizzes on your skin, similar to Champagne bubbles. The bio-active ingredients resurface and deeply cleanse your skin, leaving it revitalised and refreshed. This is followed by an intense revitalising masque, copper-firming mist, and a blend of pharmaceutical-grade complexes and serums, which all work together to reveal a brighter, tighter complexion.

Ideal for uneven complexions, problematic skin, sensitivity, dullness, and rosacea. Our Champagne Enzyme Facial also offers anti-ageing benefits which are enhanced by the application of our DÉESSE LED Mask which promotes cell rejuvenation, stimulates collagen production, and helps build skin elasticity. Schedule your appointment today with one of our expert therapists and experience the benefits of this facial.