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Micro-Peeling Mask | CODAGE

Revitalise your skin with CODAGE's Micro-Peeling Mask, a light emulsion formulated with AHA and BHA to unclog pores, eliminate blackheads, and remove dead cells without abrasion.

Exfoliating Balm | CODAGE

Indulge in the luxurious Exfoliating Balm by CODAGE, rich in brown sugar and organic rice particles for thorough exfoliation, leaving skin smooth and radiant.

Fall in Love Serum | CODAGE

Experience a luxurious blend of natural ingredients, targeting pigmentation, pollution protection, and radiance to replenish your skin before winter.

Scrubbing Cream | CODAGE

Experience the rejuvenating benefits of the Scrubbing Cream by CODAGE, enriched with fine organic rice particles for gentle facial exfoliation.

Active Peel System | iS Clinical

Experience the iS Clinical Active Peel System, a potent yet gentle two-step treatment designed to renew and refine your skin.

Cleansing Complex Polish | iS Clinical

iS Clinical's Cleansing Complex Polish, a gentle yet effective formula that deeply cleanses, resurfaces, and smoothens the skin with eco-friendly microparticles and botanical extracts, leaving your complexion radiant and revitalised.

Tri-Active Exfoliating Masque | iS Clinical

Indulge in the Tri-Active Exfoliating Masque by iS Clinical, a transformative treatment designed to reveal smoother, brighter skin.